Remote Classical Recording

When it came time to record the Anchorage Concert Chorus' Christmas CD, they turned to Surreal Studios.

Kurt Riemann shepherded the project from start to end, beginning with the remote recording of 220 musicians of the Chorus and Symphony at the Performing Arts Center. The logistics of capturing the music were made more complex by the director's wishes to be able to balance orchestral sections during mixdown. The best collection of microphones was assembled for the two-day recording and sixteen channels of each of the eleven of excellent Christmas arrangements were recorded. Extra elements were laid down, including extra consonants and extra string sections that were to be layered onto the recording in the mix stage. One of the elements recorded was the sound signature of the Atwood Concert Hall, which was put to good use as the impulse response for the Reverb of the project.

In the studio individual soloists came in to sing their parts over the combined tracks. Soon the mixes were ready and approved by the Chorus and were sent off after mastering. You can hear a six minute distillation here.

Kurt has worked extensively with Maestro Randall Craig Fleischer on numerous projects, notably the in-studio orchestral recording of Echoes and the accompanying video track.

One of our favorite locations for smaller orchestral work is the very affordable Recital Hall at UAA. Here is a shot of Kerry Maule conducting a forty-piece orchestra with his arrangement of The Twelve Days Of Christmas.

Whatever your needs or budget, give Kurt a call. He has the experience you need to create a flawless CD.