Audio Forensics -
Legal Tape and Video Enhancement

If you have a recording of anything (a conversation, music, anything) and you feel it needs enhancing, give us a call.

Kurt Riemann is well-versed in legal tape enhancement. He are called on by the Police, State Troopers, DA's office,
Federal and State Public Defenders, dozens of attorneys and individuals to assess and repair the audio on body
wires, tapes conversations and wiretaps. He can increase the intelligibility of most recordings and make the
participant's voices clearer. He are also qualified to edit tapes for content (redaction).

Kurt Riemann has worked on hundreds of legal enhancements. The initial assessment is free. Audio analysis is done
using industry-standard professional hardware, software and techniques.

Depending on the circumstances, you can virtually eliminate environmental noise, hum, reduce hiss, rumble and pops,
and not effect the original tape.

Kurt Riemann has been qualified as an expert witness in audio forensics and has testified numerous times as to the
source of sounds on tape. Through analysis, he can verify or disqualify the actual source of sound and testify as to the
logical source of a noise.

All communication is in the strictest confidence.

Email or call for a CV.